Postal Rates


Our postal charges are automatically set and are based on the average weight of books. If the actual weight of the book is less, then we will reduce the price charged accordingly. If the weight is slightly greater then we will absorb the extra cost.

If however the book or set of books is greatly in excess of the set rate, we will notify you by email and proceed with the order when you have confirmed acceptance.

The maximum amount that will be charged for a single parcel within the UK (excluding the Highlands and Northern Ireland) will be £8.50.

Orders usually ship within 2 business days (Mondays to Fridays excluding public holidays).


DESTINATION                       METHOD                      DELIVERY TIME                   FOR ONE ITEM            EACH ADDITIONAL



UK                                         FIRST CLASS                1-3 DAYS                                £3.95                           £1.65


UK                                         SECOND CLASS          3-5 DAYS                                 Free                             Free


EUROPE                               AIRMAIL                        4-10 BUSINESS DAYS           £8.65                           £3.00


NORTH AMERICA               AIRMAIL                        7-14 BUSINESS DAYS           £8.95                            £2.95

NORTH AMERICA               SURFACE MAIL            3-12 WEEKS                           £5.95                            £2.95


REST OF WORLD                AIRMAIL                        7-14 BUSINESS DAYS           £13.95                          £4.00